Used Bike Guide : 2007 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer !

The original Yamaha Fazer FZS600 – made quite an impact on the budget middleweight class when it was introduced in 1998. Despite being basic in specification and not exactly blessed with too much style, the Fazer still sold well; a quick ride on one helps to understand why. Its detuned Thundercat four-cylinder engine belies its capacity and configuration, offering plenty of usable mid-range and lower RPM drive. And though its steel-framed, chassis isn’t anything to shout about, it delivers capable handling. Equipped with excellent brakes – pinched from the original YZF R1 superbike – the Fazer can be hustled along backroads more than competently.

Also happy at slower speeds, the Yamaha’s comfort and user-friendly character give it plenty of all-round potential. Revised very slightly in 2000, detailed changes to the Yamaha included a bigger fuel tank, new seat, and preload adjustment for the forks. Then in 2002 a restyled fairing and tank gave the bike much more aesthetic appeal, with new clocks also helping to boost its more modern look. In time tighter emission rulings killed it off, and in 2004 it was superseded by the naked FZ6 and half-faired Yamaha FZ6 Fazer.

Both bikes were completely new. Yamaha FZ6 featured much sportier styling, underseat pipes, an alloy frame and swingarm, and an engine based on the YZF R6 sports bike. Detuned, the fuel-injected inline four still made just under 100bhp – though its power delivery was more rev-dependant than the original motor.

Suspension was still quite basic in spec, and the brakes only had twin-piston calipers, though ABS became an option in 2006. The 2007-on restyled Yamaha FZ6 S2 models (like the one we’ve tested here) came with more mid-range power, superior monobloc four-piston calipers (also with an ABS option), and new clocks, with the majority of bikes having a black-finished engine and chassis. A cheaper, reduced power, lower-spec option, similar to the 2004 bikes was also available.

2007 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer : What's It Like to Ride ?

There are many aspects of the 2007 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer that make it appealing to a broad audience, but the character of the engine is ultimately what will define whether you like this bike or not. There’s no doubt the inline four is a little more flexible than the first incarnation fitted to the 2004 model, but even so, the YZF R6-derived motor still shares much of the temperament of the sports bike’s power unit.

Depending on the situation you find yourself in, it’s generally important to keep 2007 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer revving to produce adequate power, or at least be in a gear to enable those revs to be accessed quickly. It’s all a question of the level of urgency to gain ormaintain speed. I found myself liking these manners on occasion, and being irritated by them on just as many others.

If the roads were clear and it was easier to predict speed requirements, then I enjoyed keeping the engine singing and sampling its impressive power. Doing that gives the 2007 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer an exciting and involving feel that makes rides more memorable and rewarding. Once you’ve appreciated that a) keeping the engine spinning is important for best results and, more to the point b) if you can get into the mood for that style of riding, then the FZ6 Fazer is likely to be more of a hit with you. It’s quite a thrilling bike when things are just right.

Lower levels of satisfaction come along when circumstances differ. On a busier and less familiar route along which your speed often needs to change, then the constant requirement to keep the engine in its sweet spot can become a bit of a pain. It simply doesn’t have sufficient torque to get you up to speed via a simple yank on the throttle alone.

The necessity to hunt for revs becomes even more irritating if you’re loaded up 2007 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer with a pillion or some luggage. Staying in a lower gear to enable the slightly buzzy engine to provide the necessary acceleration gets a little tiring. It’s not helped by the gearbox being a bit on the notchy side either. And while I’m having a gripe, the fuelling isn’t perfect from a closed throttle; combined with the switch-like nature of the grabby clutch, town riding requires a delicate touch at times.

If you think of the Yamaha FZ6 Fazer more as a budget, or beginner’s sports bike then you stand a much greater chance of getting along with it. But I can’t help thinking that if the engine was a little bit more flexible (ironically, a feature the very first model of the Fazer was so well-liked for), then the bike would be appropriate for a lot more riders. If it was, it would certainly match the versatility of the rest of the bike, which makes it fit for the majority of purposes.

The all-rounder qualities are headed by the bike’s chassis; light and easy, the Yamaha FZ6 Fazer can be mastered by all sorts of riders, no matter what type of route is being travelled. The upright riding position and the leverage of the handlebars give it an agile and lively feel, and its overall balance provides plenty of poise from less than walking pace all the way up to its maximum.

You can feel the suspension is of a more basic, budget specification when it’s under more extreme pressures of very bumpy roads or high speed, but it’s only a slight harshness and choppiness that’s apparent, rather than anything more serious that threatens to reduce your control. To be honest, the Yamaha FZ6 Fazer’s handling ability is good enough to venture on to a track. And I’m sure that there you’d continue to be impressed by its light, flickable nature and superb brakes. On the road, the brakes have plenty of power and a lovely feel that allows even sudden stopping to be done with full confidence – they are one of the Yamaha’s most impressive features.

So too is its comfort. Sitting relaxed on the plush, stepped seat, and having the wind diverted nicely by the handlebar fairing is a good sign of an ability to cover plenty of ground without any sort of physical compromise. Footrests are at a comfortable height for both rider and pillion too. Two-up tours of Europe are well within the remit of this bike – engine power delivery not withstanding. A selection of sensible equipment like a centre stand, grab rails, hugger and decent instruments that include a clock and fuel gauge underline the Yamaha FZ6 Fazer’s useful design.

Together with its very attractive appearance it’s tempting to give the bike a maximum score. But with an engine that will polarise opinion so much, that’s not possible. Only after sampling the manners of the motor will you be in with a chance of knowing whether you’re likely to take or leave this 2007 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer.

How to Spot The Best 2007 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer

The 2007 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer (Code : S2) has been on the market for over eight years now. It’s been owned by a huge variety of riders. Many younger riders buy them as a first bike, though they’re also popular with more experienced types. Annual mileages vary enormously. Several early bikes have done over 20,000-30,000 miles, and it’s important to check the valve clearances have been done on machines with over 24,000 miles on the clock – though strangely the check is actually scheduled at 26,000 miles.

Looked after, the Yamaha will look and run well for 50,000 miles or more. However it must be cared for well to give reliable service. Attention from owners differs greatly, though there are plenty if giveaways to indicate this. Check the overall condition of the bike. The Yamaha FZ6 Fazer’s finish isn’t too robust and provides good evidence of the sort of life it’s led.

If it’s thoroughly clean, even in more inaccessible areas, it’s a good sign the owner has been conscientious. Badly corroded parts show neglect and as there are enough bikes to choose from, either move on or bargain hard. Newer riders may well have had the odd fall or topple from the Yamaha FZ6 Fazer. Check for light crash damage to bar ends and engine covers. More serious damage to lock stops or frame spars points to more serious impacts and the cost of repair needs to be considered more carefully.

Home servicing is common as the bike isn’t too hard to work on. But check receipts for what’s claimed to have been done. Ideally a full service history, done by a reputable dealer can be provided. Yamaha FZ6 Fazers aren’t usually modified too much. Again, the sort of mods will reflect on the owner. Chain oilers, taller screens, and crash protectors emphasise more sensible types. Loud pipes, garish paint schemes or go-faster stickers point to something different.

Inspect the bike you’re interested in well enough and you’ll land yourself a useful and dependable machine.

2007 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer Specs and Price

Engine : Four stroke, Inline-Four, DOHC 16-Valve, Liquid-Cooled
Capacity : 600 cc
Bore x Stroke : 65.5 x 44.5 mm
Compression Ratio : 12.2 : 1
Induction : Fuel Injection, With 36 mm Funnel Diameter
Max Power : 96 HP @ 12.000 RPM
Max Torque : 63 N.m @ 10.000 RPM
Transmission / Drive : 6-Speed / Chain

Frame : Die-Cast Alumunium Beam Frame
Front Suspension : 43 mm Telescopic Forks, No Adjustable
Rear Suspension : Rising-Rate Monoshock, Adjustable Preload
Front Brakes : 2 x 298 mm Disc, 4-Pot Calipers, ABS Optional
Rear Brakes : Single 245 mm Disc, 2-Pot Caliper, ABS Optional
Front Tyre : 120/70 - 17
Rear Tyre : 180/55 - 17

Wheelbase : 1.440 mm
Seat Height : 795 mm
Wet Weight : 191 Kg (ABS Version)
Fuel Capacity : 19 Litres

Price : £2000 - £4500*

*Prices are for early models sold privately in average condition, to almost new, well cared-for examples available at dealers.