Give the Thieves A Challenge At Least...!

Facebook biking groups are regularly filled with expletive-laden posts regarding stolen bikes, often supported by CCTV coverage of the theft in progress.

The common thread of the incriminating footage seems to be the ease with which the bikes are removed, ranging from almost wheeling them away to cutting the most meagre of security chains in a few seconds – look at this one as an example:

In truth, if anyone is committed to stealing your bike you are going to struggle to stop them, but watch and learn from YouTube and you can at least make them have to work for it. A cover makes the bike more difficult to identify as a target.

Even a good quality chain, lock and ground anchor will, at best, slow them down, but combined with a highly visible disc lock, will make wheeling the bike away much more difficult. An alarm will be a deterrent but can be dismissed as yet another false alert on its own, but a tracker will put you in touch immediately the charmers have disturbed the bike, and keep you posted once they’ve made off without them even being aware.

A combination of all of the above and, short of a truck with crane, your bike may remain in your possession. Just please stop moaning when you haven’t done your best first.