2016 Triumph Speed Triple Revealed !

Good news for Triumph Speed Triple fans: as predicted before, revisions to the engine and exhaust to comply with Euro 4 standards, coupled with a more sophisticated engine management system, will also result in a claimed higher power and torque output, a bevvy of electronic riding aids and a cleaner, more efficient bike. Faster and smarter for next year’s British naked !

Triumph claims more than 100 Street Triple's engine components have been updated including pistons, throttle bodies, clutch and the design of the cylinder head. The most significant hardware update appears to be the heavily revised exhaust which is only a few hundred grams lighter than the system it replaces, but is said to improve exhaust gas flow by over 70 per cent.

The 2016 Triumph Speed Triple has four switchable engine maps (rain, road, sport and track) as well as a rider-configurable option, a three-way switchable traction control system and Switchable ABS. Triumph isn’t quoting any output figures at this stage, but a torque graph comparing the new model to the previous shows a hike in torque across the rev range, peaking around 8.500 RPM.

It’s believed fuel economy is improved by up to 10 per cent. Two versions of the 2016 Triumph Speed Triple will be offered, but the only differences are the suspension package and bling. The R-model boasts Öhlins suspension over the standard S-model’s Showa set-up, a carbon front guard and tank inserts, as well as a billet aluminium bar clamp and risers.