2016 Suzuki RF1000R Concept !

Our "New Concept Reborn" piece on the unloved Suzuki RF900 stirred one of our crew soul: he had one back in the day and thinks we should reboot it for modern times. Suzuki’s 1994 RF900 was an astonishing machine. It boasted enough performance to be labelled a GSX-R in its own right. It did 165mph, had a great front end (particularly the 1995 RS2 update with fully-adjustable forks), and was bargain-priced in comparison with the GSX-Rs of the day. The looks divided opinion, especially the rear tail-light which consisted of a single bulb running light with two bulbs underneath for braking. 

2016 Suzuki RF1000R Concept

The Ferrari-esque fairing slats never made another appearance in the Suzuki range (besides the smaller RF600 and 400) which is a shame, we think. So we think it’s only fair to resurrect the RF; using an SRAD/K5 hybrid frame, GSX-R1000 K5 engine and some Busa-inspired bodywork we give you our vision of the RF for the 21st century. Come on Suzuki... you know it makes sense. Well, a little bit, anyway.


Good enough in 1995 for licence-shredding speed, good enough today. Our GSX-R750 SRAD/K5 frame is light, strong and in plentiful supply. Suspension-wise the latest GSX-R1000 Big piston forks and shock have all the adjustment you’d expect or need, as do the rearsets. Brembo brakes provide stopping power and lightweight Marchesinis are an upgrade over the heavy three-spokers on the original.


The Engine is stock 160bhp GSX-R1000K5, and that’s enough. Also chosen for use in the 2015 GSX-S1000s, there’s low and midrange grunt aplenty but stacks more eyeball-popping horsepower, plus an extra gear compared to the original five-speed RF900. The exhaust has taken the evolutionary next step and is out of sight in the belly-pan, aiding aerodynamics and mass-centralisation.


With a modified Busa fairing and RF900-style vents in the sides, this baby is built for speed, whether it’s the fast-as-you-like German autobahn or just looking fast parked on your drive. Sleek, unique, and light on its feet. Colour schemes echo modern and retro – especially the RF900 S2 purple, which we think just rocks a retro 90s look!