2015 Brilliant Bargain Lightweight Motorcycle !

Old bikes are big news: fun to ride, joyous to work on and a shrewd investment, too. That’s great for owners, but less so for buyers. Surely all the bargains have gone? Well think again. There are plenty of wallet-friendly classics out there, just waiting to find a place in your shed. Here’s our pick of the bunch for the Lightweight Class !

Kawasaki KMX 125/200

The Yamaha DT125LC and 125R stole the limelight back in the day, but the KMX is a proper bit of kit. The single-cylinder motor is a gem, featuring Kawasaki’s Integrated Powervalve System (KIPS) for a wide spread of power, so road cruising at 70mph is possible on both models. A lot of KMXs have been through the hands of clueless owners, but you can snap one up that’s had light use only. The 125’s production run was 16 years, from ’86-’02, whereas the 200 only made it from 1988-’89.

Kawasaki KMX 125 (200) Specs

Engine : Liquid-Cooled, Reed Valve, Two-stroke, Single Cylinder with KIPS
Displacement : 124 cc (191 cc)
Max Power : 22 HP @ 9.000 RPM (30 HP @ 8.500 RPM)
Weight : 99 kg (100 kg)
Top Speed : 87 mph (89 mph)

Price :

Needs Work : £400 - £800
Rider : £900 - £1500
Minter : £1700 - £2000

Yamaha RD125/200

With RD250 and 400 prices at the salty edge of eye-popping, how can you indulge in ’70s two-stroke tomfoolery without breaking the bank? Say hello to an RD125 or 200. These twins deliver similar thrills to their better-endowed stablemates, but without rinsing your wallet in the process.

Both are as simple as sportsbikes get, and the 200 even comes with an electric starter. Later cast alloy wheel models look best. Beware, though – once you’ve ridden one, you’ll have the RD bug...

Yamaha RD125 (200) Specs

Engine : Air-Cooled, Reed Valve, Two-Stroke, Twin-Cylinder
Displacement : 124 cc (195 cc)
Max Power : 16 HP @ 8.500 RPM (20 HP @ 8.000 RPM)
Weight : 110 kg (123 kg)
Top Speed : 73 mph (87 mph)

Price :

Needs Work : £500 - £700
Rider : £750 - £1200
Minter : £1300 - £1800

Aprilia RS125

Not only is this Latin rascal the best eighth-litre sportsbike ever to roll off a production line, but the RS is also so good its modest capacity is irrelevant. Judging this single-cylinder two-stroke by the size of its piston is missing the point. Completely.

Its gorgeous aluminium beam frame and banana swingarm are better than those on most 1980s 250s. Its brakes and wheels are bigger too, and its curvaceous styling is straight out of a GP paddock. Ridden hard, an Aprilia RS125 can embarrass a RGV250 Gamma and many bigger diesels. Proper maintenance is a must if an RS is to give its best (it’s making 240bhp per litre). Go for the early models – later bikes are stifled by catalytic converters.

Aprilia RS125 Specs

Engine : Liquid-Cooled, Reed Valve, Two-stroke, Single Cylinder with RAVE
Displacement : 124,9 cc
Max Power : 34 HP @ 11.000 RPM
Weight : 115 kg
Top Speed : 100 mph

Price :

Needs Work : £600 - £1000
Rider : £1100 - £1600
Minter : £1700 - £2000