2016 New Dirt Bikes Line Up !

Key players employ relentless fiddling for next year’s dirt delights... Shiny new dirt bikes for 2016. Not for long.


There’s a host of changes to Suzuki’s RM-Z250 for 2016, based on successful alterations made to the 450 last year. These include Hole Shot Assist that alters the ignition map for the optimum start in a variety of conditions, and Kayaba’s second generation PSF2 air forks that save 1kg and give rapid suspension changes with a hand pump. There’s the 450’s kickstarter, and weight is shaved off nearly every engine component – there’s a total of 80 tweaks, giving a wider and smoother spread of power.


Honda’s 2016 CRF250R sees plenty of detail changes over last year’s model. They include: new cams; ports; valves; pistons and exhaust. There is also increased compression and revised mapping, plus longer forks for better stability. The CRF450R also gets the front-end changes, plus a new spring, linkage and damping settings for the shock.


Yamaha have made plenty of technical improvements to their YZ250F and YZ450F. The larger bike gets new cams with revised valve overlap, a better clutch and changes to the frame and suspension. The smaller one also gets a new crank, modified jets squirting cooling oil at the underside of the piston and smoother rev limiter intervention. The 450 also has launch control monitoring wheelspin and wheelies in first and second gear for faster, more consistent starts.


All Husky’s motocross and enduro bikes get new forks with a smaller spindle, allowing shorter fork leg ‘shoes’ to increase trail. And they all get new yokes, brake discs and less slippery seats. The FE250 and 350 also have transmission updates, and the FE450 and 501 boast an improved clutch.


Fantic Motors have a UK importer again. Their enduro and supermoto bikes use 50, 125 and 200cc Yamaha-Minarelli engines, the range-topping TZ200ER Caballero costing £5199. Enduro models are aimed at green-laners and club racers, and the supermoto bikes at road riders.