How To : Prep Your Bike for Winter ?

Births, deaths, taxes and rust are life’s certainties. You can’t do much about the first three, but you can stop your bike dissolving this winter...

At Risk Areas

Downpipes are prone to corrosion if not treated. If yours have already rusted, wash them and use fine wire wool to clean off as much rust as possible. Once the exhausts are cool, apply a thin coating of anti-corrosion spray to the headers and work it in with a cloth all the way to the silencer. Corrosion to the front of crankcases, shocks, suspension linkage and wheels is also common as these areas pick up salt, diesel and dirt from the road.

After a good clean and degrease, spray a thin layer of anti-corrosion spray over these areas. Use a cloth to apply ACF-50 to wheel rims and use this cloth to coat bolt heads everywhere on the bike including brake disc bolts, which commonly corrode.


Make sure you clean and dry your bike thoroughly before applying any waxes or sprays. Firstly, rinse down the bike to remove any grit or dust that may have settled. A high pressure airline if available makes quick work of removing water from any tough nooks and crannies to reduce future corrosion on bolts.

Next spray the bike with either a good degreasing agent, or degreaser and motorcycle wash two-in-one. We prefer S DOC 100 Total Motorcycle Cleaner. This is a non-acid product that’s chemically designed to lift dirt and grime. Some acid-based cleaners can tarnish aluminium or damage lacquer or anodised parts if left to dry. Leave the bike to dry before proceeding.

Waxes or Sprays ?

It’s a complicated world of different products out there. Waxes and sprays leave a thin film over your bike’s components and paintwork, protecting them from the elements. Use waxes to perfect your paintwork and anti-corrosion sprays on rust-prone areas.

Whether you choose a spray or wax use a lintfree cloth to polish in the product. Work wax into all parts with a circular motion, including metal, chrome, fairing and even exhausts. Waxes will leave all surfaces with a highgloss shine and also protect from scuffs and allow rain and moisture to run off. Matt waxes are now available for matt paint and foil coatings. You can even use them on matt helmets to restore the original finish.