Yamaha MWT-9 Concept, MT-09 - Powered Three-Wheeler !

Yamaha has unveiled this leaning three-wheeler concept using an engine derived from the triple-cylinder 847cc unit in the MT-09. Called the Yamaha MWT-9, it's billed by Yamaha as a sports machine capable of "exceptional cornering performance" thanks to its extra front wheel. It's been unveiled as a concept bike at the Tokyo Motor Show, from October 28.

Yamaha MWT-9 Concept

The engineering study model proposes a new type of motorcycle in the sports tourer segment. It is developed under a "Cornering Master" concept, to provide commendable cornering performance. The Yamaha MWT-9's twin front wheels has apparently taken the front-end off of a Tricity scooter, and flipped it so that the double-upped forks are on the outside of the wheels, presumably for more stability and rigidity through turns. This front-end is a stark contrast to what Piaggio developed with the MP3 500 scooter.

This new arrangement is claimed to promote a fluent riding around a series of tight corners and changing road surfaces. The MWT-9 is expected to spawn a production variant in the foreseeable future.

Yamaha MWT-9 Concept

Yamaha MWT-9 Concept uses a liquid-cooled inline 3-cylinder 850 cc fuel-injected engine with DOHC, that appears to be the Yamaha MT-09’s engine - mounted inside a muscular and aggressive body structure. The posterior part of the machine is pretty much like a superbike.