Supercharged Triumph Thunderbird !

TTS Performance in Silverstone has released its Triumph Thunderbird 16/1700 supercharger conversion. Pushing power from 86 HP to 160 HP at the wheel, it also boosts torque from 90 to 140lb-ft.

Supercharged Triumph Thunderbird

Nine kits were sold before Richard Albans – boss of TTS – had finished testing the prototype; three to Australia, three to the US, one to Finland, one to New Zealand and one to Sweden. The first production kit went to a customer in the UK, with every one sold through the forum.

" This bike is immensely heavy... So although the power is increased tremendously, it’s basically giving it what it needed in the first place. At this time, we’ve had no issues with reliability, and customers are reporting much greater flexibility with no increase in fuel consumption while cruising." says Richard.

Supercharged Triumph Thunderbird
The red lines show the increase in power (steeper lines) and torque over the standard machine (blue).