The Rolling Hills Of Cambridgeshire...

Cambridgeshire isn’t best known for its mountains, and while the relatively flat scenery can give wonderful views to open corners, if you know where you’re going there are some fantastic rolling routes.

The Rolling Hills Of Cambridgeshire

Much of this journey is used by the Cambridgeshire Bike Safe team, so don’t be surprised if you’re overtaken by a fully-marked police bike. We’re starting at Norman Cross roundabout, atop the A1M. This was the site of the world’s first prisoner of war camp, built by the navy during the Napoleonic wars. While it was intended to be a model of humane treatment, you can find the impressive bronze eagle monument to the 1770 prisoners who died at Norman Cross just beside the A15, from the eastbound exit of the roundabout.

Heading south, turn left to cross the A1M before reaching Stilton – the birthplace of Stilton cheese, and home to the May Day cheese rolling competition. Pick up the B1043/Old North Road, which is actually the old A1. It’s a fast, sweeping road with little traffic but a few side roads to be aware of. Turn left immediately before the Ratcliffe Recovery site for the B660 (Glatton) and enjoy some truly fantastic roads; head west through Glatton, then on through Great Gidding and Winwick (turn off for Hammerton if you want to see some tigers), before reaching a T-junction. Just after leaving Great Gidding you’ll see a beautiful stretch of Tarmac running up the hill, surrounded by low bushes... beware!

The Rolling Hills Of Cambridgeshire

Hidden in the foliage is a sharp left-right, known to the police as ‘Bike Safe Bends’. Read the signs properly (there are plenty), and you won’t be caught out. It’s worth mentioning that while the open roads are stunning, please make sure you scrub the speed off in plenty of time for the villages along the way.

At the T-junction, turn left for Old Weston, which was first noted in the King’s Charter of 974, and continue on the brilliant route through Catworth, until you reach another T-junction, to turn left into Kimbolton – a large, pretty village, and the resting place of many of the Montagus.

Ride through Stonely, and look out for a sharp left turn taking you on the B661 towards Perry. After the village, a long, fast sweeping bend around the south east of Grafham Water eventually heads back up, with a left turn taking you on Buckden Road towards Grafham village. Stop at the Marlow Park visitor centre for an ice cream, and if you’re feeling energetic, stroll the pleasant 10 miles around this Site of Special Scientific Interest that was built in the 60s to meet the demands of new town Milton Keynes.

Continue through Grafham and Ellington, before picking up the A14 east, then north on the A1M. You can soon hop off again at Alconbury, onto the B1043 before picking up the Old North Road again for a blast back up to Norman Cross. Or turn off at Ratcliffe’s and do it again... I do.

Route : Norman Cross round trip via Grafham Water

Distance : 45 Miles

Time : 60 Minutes (Plus ice cream)