Motorcycle Events : Ramsgate Sprint Revival

Many years ago the seaside town of Ramsgate in East Kent and its incumbent Sunbeam Motor Cycle Club organised quartermile sprints along the Western Undercliff.

Ramsgate Spring Revival

For 12 years until 1968 the events drew large crowds before the slightly curved seafront course, with its unforgiving cast-iron railings, was deemed too dangerous for use – that was until 2015, as now once again over the weekend of August 15-16 the Undercliff will echo to the sound of race engines.

A short course will allow demonstrations of bikes of the era, including a number that were stars of the original events, to evoke memories of times past.

Ramsgate Spring Revival

On Government Acre, the cliff top area above the course, further attractions will include a static display of bikes organised by the East Kent Classic Motorcycle Club.

Being the town of My Friends birth, he probably will be around should anyone want to meet up, but more interestingly six times world champion Jim Redman will also be at the event. For more informations, you can go to Ramsgate Sprint Revival Official Site.