Bridgestone GTO 350, The Forgotten Strokers !

Who does not know about Bridgestone ? Yes, this tire manufacturers name has been echoed around the world as a qualified tire manufacturer qualified... From daily motorcycle tires, trackday, until the advanced races like MotoGP. However, Did you know that Bridgestone isn't only Produce Tire & other Rubber Industrial ?

Yes, That's what we will discuss this time, which is about Bridgestone GTO 350 ! Famous Motorcycle from Tire manufacturing !! Curious as to know the detail and history ? Let's Check that out !

Bridgestone 350 GTO, is one of a motorcycle, which was once marketed by Bridgestone. This motorcycles genre was "Classic Dual-Sport", which was first introduced in 1966, and discontinue in 1971 ago, along with a its street bike version, Bridgestone GTR 350. Sadly, The end of production of this classic motorcycle, also marked the end of Bridgestone motorcycle manufactures ... Aka, This motor bike was their two-wheels final product.

In contrast to other Japanese motorcycles, which is normally only limited to products JDM (Japanese Domestic Motorcycle) ... Bridgestone 350 GTO actually preferred as commodity exports to several countries, which used to market the big capacity bike is quite large.

Bridgestone is a Japanese manufacturer, which was founded by Shojiro Ishibashi. , , The name "Bridgestone" is taken from the name of its founder "Ishibashi" ... which when translated into English, means "Ishi = Stone & Bashi = Bridge".

The design, Bridgestone 350 GTO still looks very classic, retro and contemporary buildup. Its chrome touches pretty much (crankshaft block, front drum, cylinder head, exhaust, fuel tank, etc.) adds a slick first impression upon seeing the artificial motorcycle from the tire manufacturer. The details, 350 GTO is equipped with Double-cradle frame, Telescopic Suspension - Dual Shockbreaker, drum brakes and 19-inch tires that they produce themselves.

In the engine sector, Neither Bridgestone GTO nor GTR 350 was equally equipped by 2-Stroke engine, Inline-Twin, 345cc, Disc Valve, with air conditioning and 2 Carburetor Mikuni VM26 Induction. Although this motorcycle is not so famous like the other Japanese Manufacturer such as Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki ... But the assessment of the well-known reviewer at the time, turned out to be very positive !

Yes, This "simple 2 stroke engine" is claimed capable of spewing power up to 40 HP, and was rated highly qualified - not less superior than the British-made motorcycle when it was booming. The topspeed when it is able to reach 100 mph. Bridgestone makes the GTO 350 as a 350cc motorcycle that had equivalent performance 500cc motorcycle!

Bridgestone GTO 350 Specifications

Manufacturing : Bridgestone Kabushiki-gaisha

Model: GTO 350

Production Year : 1966 - 1971

Engine: 2-Stroke, Air-Cooled, Inline-Twin, Rotary Disc Valve

Bore x Stroke: 61 x 59 mm

Cylinder capacity: 345 cc

Compression ratio : 9.3: 1

Transmission : 6-Speed

Fuel Supply : 2 x Carburetor Mikuni VM26

Starter system : Kick Starter

Max Power : 40 HP @ 7500 RPM

Max Torque : 23 N.m @ 6000 RPM

Dimensions L x W x H : 1,950 x 774 x 1,200 mm

Seat height : 825 mm

Wheelbase : 1,381 mm

Ground Clearance : 177 mm

Dry weight : 167 kg

Fuel tank capacity: 14 Litres

Frame : Steel Double-Cradle Frame

Front Suspension : Telescopic Fork

Rear Suspension : Dual Shockbreaker, swingarm

Front Brakes : Drum Brake

Rear brakes : Drum Brake

Front Tires : 3:25 - 19 Bridgestone

Rear tires : 3:25 - 19 Bridgestone