MV Agusta Bialbero 500-6, Italian Madness !

If we talk about the 6-cylinder engine in the World Grand Prix (MotoGP) event, then Surely our minds will be on the legendary 250cc Honda RC166 or 350cc RC174 with "madness" specifications, as well as a record of his remarkable victory. However, there is other Inline-Six figure that equally phenomenal, and one of them is the MV Agusta 500-6 Bialbero !

MV Agusta 500-6 or often referred to as MV Agusta Bialbero, is one of the MV Agusta Grand Prix Motorcycle that was first introduced in 1957 ago, in the Grand Prix of Nations series Monza Circuit, Italy, which also became the headquarters of this manufacturer.

MV Agusta 6-cylinder engine is a "proof" of a Count Domenico Agusta (Founder MV Agusta), who did not want to lose fame by high-specs bike such as Gilera Rondine-Four & MotoGuzzi Ottocilindri V8... So, They began a large grandprix development in 1956 ago, and the results were introduced at the end of 1957 GP series.

If you all thought that the Honda RC166 & RC174 is the first 6-Cylinder Motorcycle at the Grand Prix event, then it is totally wrong ! MV Agusta Bialbero 500-6 comes first decade earlier (1957) than those two Honda's ! In fact, This Parallel 6-Cylinder engine Motor comes before the glory era of the legendary MV Agusta bike, MV Agusta 500-3, along with super legendary riders such as John Surtees, Mike Hailwood & Giacomo Agostini.

In the design & detail sector, MV Agusta Bialbero 500-6 did not look too different from the other 50's GP bikes. This GP machine is equipped with Dustbin fairing which seems ridiculous, and totally old school, just like MotoGuzzi V8 which will be discuss later. Meanwhile, details are also no less old school. Although armed with six-cylinder 500cc engine, but is still equipped with MV Agusta big Drum Brakes, front - back Telescopic Suspension, as well as Double-Cradle Frame Model.

Looking closely behind the "eccentric" fairing , That's what we looking for this bike ... Yes, as the name suggests, MV Agusta 500-6 equipped with 4-Stroke, 498cc, Inline-Six, DOHC 12-Valves, with traditional engine cooling - Air Cooled. Though still visibly inferior to MotoGuzzi V8 that carries 8-Cylinder plus Liquid-cooling, but it turns out that the motor power is not less flashy !

Yeah, MV Agusta 500-6 Bialbero claimed capable of spewing power of 70 HP @ 15,000 RPM ! A very surprising power output result for the motorcycle that comes almost 6 decades ago.

And This is the Completely Specifications of  MV Agusta 500-6 Bialbero :

Manufacturer : MV Agusta Motor SpA

Model : 500-6 (Bialbero 500-6C)

Year : 1957 - 1959

Class : WorldGP

Engine : 4-Stroke, Inline-Six, DOHC 12-Valve (2 Valves per cylinder), Air Cooled, Gear-Driven Camshaft

Bore x Stroke : 48 x 46 mm

Cylinder capacity : 498 cc

Compression ratio : 10.8: 1

Fuel Supply  : 6 x Carburetor Dell'Orto SS26A

Transmission : 6-Speed

Maximum Power : 70 HP @ 15,000 RPM

Top Speed : 240 Km / h (GP Monza, Italy)

Dimensions L x W x H: 1,950 x 530 x - mm

Wheelbase : 1,310 mm

Fuel tank capacity : 22 Liter

Dry weight : 145 kg

Frame : Steel - Double Cradle Frame

Front Brakes : Drum Brake

Rear brakes: Drum Brake

Front tires: 3.00 - 18 Inch

Rear tires: 3.50 - 18 Inch