Unique CarGo concept car innovation

designer Adam Schacter comes a concept car innovation that comes to solve a number of problems facing the inner city delivery vehicles. The CarGo is a one sitter electric car with a capability for various configuration to address several delivery needs.
cargo urban transportation 1
cargo urban transportation 2
CarGo allows the driver to quickly adept the vehicle to the needs of the road and the needs of his cargo. The extendable wheel base and the changing front and rear tracks enable the driver to easily make the car narrower to allow maneuverability in heavy traffic, or extend out to accommodate tall and heavy cargo. Telescopic tilting makes CarGo very stable around tight bends and can be handled like a motorcycle or a commuter car.
cargo urban transportation 3
cargo urban transportation 4
The car has three configurations:
Compact mode – for traveling in normal city traffic and for ease of parking.
Narrow mode – for maneuvering in and out of heavy traffic.
Pick-up truck mode –  the wheels are extended out for a better stability.cargo urban transportation 5cargo urban transportation 6
The cab of the CarGo has detachable doors for the driver to move quickly in and out. In  closed door configuration the doors can be used for  advertising or company logo. The removable storage compartment (the Pod) in the back, permits vertical or horizontal attachment. The sides of the Pod can be opened from either sides or the back to enable easy sliding in of heavy cargo.
cargo urban transportation 7
cargo urban transportation 8
When the work is done, the pod can be removed completely or can be folded up to reduce wind drag and increase speed. This turns the CarGo into a regular, electric commuter vehicle.