BMW S1000RR Modification

AC Schnitzer is a house special modifications for the BMW cars like Honda and Mugen to AMG for Mercedes. This time, expertise and skills required to make their hands look of BMW motorcycles S1000RR be more macho.

The result was not as we would expect that moge BMW could turn into an extreme. Understandably, besides being the first project, which they called “Avoid Silence”, Schnitzer using aftermarket kits just by touching a certain part in changing the look of BMW’s Superbike. reported on Monday (22.3.2010).

Changes seen in the handlebars with black color options. Uniquely, the design did not reflect a general sports moge homage to clamp model. It looks very stylish wide or large and thick. Then, the brake oil tube adapted to screen handlebars.

Others, brake and clutch levers using titanium material. In this section, the rider who has small hands will have no obstacles. Because, wide handlebars can be adjusted according to the rider’s hand.

Tip exhaust modified using carbon fiber material which, when viewed as a whole will give the impression sangar. The weight of this bike was a bit heavier, plus a gloss on the display of water filters.

How to power the motor? not explain the existence of touch in that sector. However, Schnitzer affirms that it is developing the components related to leverage the performance of implanted kitchen. They promised that these components can now be used in the near future.